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* All our banking details can be found on the bottom of your quotation or invoice.

Yes, you can! After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation via email. Within 72 hours of you placing your order, you will receive an expected delivery date. When the order ships, you will receive another email with the tracking number and a link to trace the order online with the carrier.

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Yes, all our products carry a limited manufacturers warranty. If any of our products become faulty or defective within the manufacturers limited time period we will either repair the product or replace it free of charge.

Yes we can work on your security alarm system. We install and maintain all major alarm systems on the South African market.

Yes we can work on your CCTV System. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of analog, AHD, HDCVI, IP and all other types of CCTV Systems.

If you make an EFT payment to us you have to use your customer code. If you do not have a customer code yet you can use the full invoice or quote number as a reference when making a payment. All proof of payments can be forwarded to accounts@monstersecurity.co.za

Our banking details can be found on all our quotes and invoices. It's situated at the bottom of the page.

Any product requires general maintenance from time to time. Especially if the product has sensitive lenses and is designed to operates 24 hours a day such as a security alarm system. False alarms can be caused in a multitude of ways and regular maintenance will greatly decrease the chances of your security alarm system giving out false alarms.

What is a false alarm exactly? A false alarm is when your security alarm system is triggered by anything other than a burglar or intruder moving around or moving through your property or breaking into home or business by triggering a zone which sets of trigger to the security alarm system.

So what is this "anything other than a burglar or intruder" triggering your security alarm system multiple times a day or night or a combination of both meaning it's being triggered throughout the day and night and at any given time? Or it's getting triggered at the same time of the day every day? What could this mean? Since we are dealing with a security system that's designed to keep the burglars out of your property or house and to warn you of their presence in advance we are dealing with some sensitive equipment designed to work 24 hours a day. A security alarm system can only be triggered by something or for some reason. It can not trigger itself as it does not have that capability built into it. There is no artificial intelligence built into a standard security alarm system available in the market today.

The following could be possible causes of false alarm:

1. Check that there are no spider webs on or in front of any indoor passive(s) or outdoor beam(s) installed. Keep all devices with sensitive lenses clean at all times.

2. When your security alarm system is armed please make sure that all doors and windows are closed and that all air-conditioning units are switched off as cold or warm air entering a room at room temperature can trigger the security alarm system. This is because some indoor passives works by sensing changes in air temperature and therefor can trigger the security alarm system thinking that someone has entered the room while the security alarm system is switched on.

3. The device could be incorrectly installed according to the design and/or manufacturing specifications. It is highly recommended to have a security alarm system or any part thereof be installed by qualified installers.

4. If your dogs are roaming outside your house and you have outdoor beams installed in your property check that they do not exceed the maximum height limit as specified by the manufacturer.

5. Faulty wiring. If your security alarm system is a wired system it is highly recommended to keep anything from damaging the wiring as broken or partly exposed wiring can cause the security alarm system to be triggered. In the event of wiring running through a roof of a building such as a house or business premises it is recommended to keep rodents known to live inside roofs such as rats and bats out. Rats in particular like to eat into electric wiring causing a short in the electrical connection running between the passive or beam and the security alarm system. Make sure all outside wiring are enclosed in either trunking or pipes to protect it from wear from outside conditions such as the sun, water and any other corrosive material that can cause deterioration.

6. If you have outdoor beams installed bordering your garden then it is recommended to trim all large plants or trees in the view of the lenses as movement caused by wind can trigger the security alarm system.

1. Never install an indoor passive or outdoor beam directly in front of a big object that obstructs its view.