Value Added Services

When you join our Armed Reaction Service you qualify for Value Added Services from us for as long as you remain an active client. As we take safety very seriously and want all our customers to feel safe and secure we created Value Added Services to assist you when things might get to much for you and need some assistance.


  2x Free Drive-Passes per month for when you are not home and need us to check that everything is still okay. R50 per Drive-Pass there after.
  A Free-to-home escort service for when you need escorting you home and make sure that you enter your home safely.
  During your holiday or long weekends away your beloved pets will be all alone at home. For a small fee of just R50 per day our reaction officers will visit your home once-a-day and provide them with fresh food and water and to check that they are still okay and well looked after so that you can rest assured and enjoy your well deserved holiday break. On top of that we will also send you an SMS to notify you that we just visited your home. 
  A Free risk assessment when you move to a new home to make sure that you will be adequately covered.